Knocking some jobs off

Sometimes, the simplest tasks just take forever to action. More often than not, it turns out that it was actually really, really easy, but that mental barrier went up, and the longer it is up, the bigger and wider it becomes.

When my daughter finished kindergarten (18 months ago), at the last working bee, I had taken the traffic signs I made home to do some running repairs. (The signs definitely get used and abused!)

Well things didn’t go as planned. Shed packing, house packing, house maintenance in preparation for moving, moving, then 12 months of an absence of a shed, and the signs bounced from pile to pile, constantly reminding me of something I hadn’t done, but never becoming a high enough priority to action.

And the wall grew and expanded freely.

Motivation came by a little switch-hit trick. Not “I better get these signs done”, but “I’m organising the shed, and these are continually in the way, so let’s get them done, and get them gone”.

So I did. A few quick cuts on the Kapex, some lapping (again on the Kapex, kerfing, knocking out the waste with a chisel, then back on the Kapex to clean up)

Some glue, some screws to make new bases, then a hole, more glue, more screws and the job was done.

Finally dropped them off, one less task to do, and one mole hill that became a mountain that got turned back into the molehill it always really was.

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