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  1. Thanks Stu for posting this. The reality of clear felling forests for growing sugar cane, palm oil and soy beans is affecting the environment, people’s lives and will lead to the extinction of many rare timbers.

  2. I’m sorry ….. it might be my cynical nature but this video just came across as a marketing exercise as to why the market should accept the use of B grade Ebony.

    The concept of using B grade is fine ….. but I am just not comfortable with the spin put on it. I am sure that now they have 75% of the logging rights they are keep to keep the ship afloat as long as possible, and being able to get the market to accept a lower standard is a wise move.

    Its interesting that he didn’t talk about any conservation steps being taken, particularly when the have such a large portion of the logging rights. Sure the timber may take 150 years to reach the same size they are pulling out today, but at some stage you need to step up and look into the future. If they were planting 1 or 2 trees for each removed 150 years ago we wouldn’t have the problem now.

    They may undertake extensive conservation work that I am not aware of …… I am only making my judgement of what they included in the video. It was an interesting video to give an understanding of the depletion of ebony …. he did his job well ….. I came out of it feeling all warm and fuzzy but in reality it was just some spin for the company to say that they will be using both the lower and higher grade ebony.

    • I have no doubt there is more motivation to the video, and position they’ve taken than the purely altruistic one shown. Still, an interesting observation of the pressures we place on suppliers (whether that is timber, fruit etc etc) for perfection irrespective of impact.

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