The Forbes Faux Pas

Forbes Magazine has written a very indepth article about The Wood Whisperer.

Famous in our circles, it looked to be a pretty major step forward for woodworking bloggers.

Unfortunately, the Wood Whisperer that Forbes refers to ( is not Marc “The Wood Whisperer” Spagnuolo, but one “Frank Pollaro”. I’d include a screenshot, but I rather avoid having to argue “Fair Use” against a copyright claim.

Unfortunately for Forbes, “The Wood Whisperer” is trademarked, and not to Frank Pollaro. Oops!

Still, it’d be nice to be Frank. According to the article, he can make a dining table worth $1/2 a million, and has over $2 million worth of timber for future projects.

Wonder if he uses Triton Woodracks too?

Recommissioning Triton History

I debated whether to use the Triton POS router bit cabinet again, (that is Point of Sale by the way!), and decided that despite it not being the most efficient storage system, it is a good display


And maintains a little bit of Triton history. Not sure how many other copies of this cabinet still exist. Once, pretty much every Bunnings store had one.

Still, loaded up, it doesn’t make too bad a router bit storage. I still have to fit another dozen or so bits in (not to mention the bit sets that will be stored separately).


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