Found a use for the cupboard overhead too- holds the overflow 🙂
Just had another thought- could also hold the beer steins & beer nuts. Not what I originally considered when I bought it, but that is par for the course! Now I just have to find a home for the dart board (and make the dart board cupboard).


Speaking of stocked, started loading the new Visi-pak units. The contents will sure to change in time, but at the moment, these are the screws that I am going to continually at the moment as I’m getting the space set up. The Festool impact driver is getting a heavy workout.

Looking around the shed to find where to locate the rack, and it ended up being best on the end of the shelving. A couple of uprights added to the end of the shelving, both to build it out to clear the centre upright, and also to stiffen up the shelving ends.

The Visi-pak is normally available in Masters for $10/container- I was just lucky to find them in Total Tools at a clearance price ($4.95 – an order that had fallen through, so they were dropping the stock to be clear of it).

The labels are off the screw packets, just trimmed to size, to show the contents of the containers.


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