Louvre Rack Solutions

In the previous shed, I used a set of wall-mounted containers to sort and store consumables. I will be looking to recommission that system, but want to extend the arrangement, picking up on some of the point-of-sale systems in hardware stores.

Bulky items are easy enough to find in the standard containers, but when you are looking to find a particular item visually (rather than by description), it is good to have a system that showcases the items clearly, so you can distinguish one item from another.

I found an interesting version at Total Tools, called Visi-pak, from an Australian company, Fischer Plastics. These are clear-fronted containers, that can either rotate to open and access the screws, or the whole container can be removed from the holder to be taken to the job.


The system hangs on standard louvre racks, and rather than the plastic versions available, for only a little more, I chose a metal version instead. Over years, plastic systems sag. This may not be apparent initially, but in time they no longer site evenly. This may not be applicable to plastic louvre systems, but for the sake of $5, why bother finding out?


I’m also debating how best to store my spanners, pliers, vice grips etc. I used a shadowboard previously, and that may still be the best option. A tool cabinet would be nice, but they are horrendously priced.


The other option (and this is looking a lot more promising), is a peg board, such as this 3 panel example. Rather than spending $500, this is around $60, including a bunch of pegs.


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  1. Stu hi,

    I don’t have enough luxury of wall space to have everything on show and with such a variety of spanners,pliers,jewellery pliers, cutters varied, small files and the list goes on and on of special tools. I have resorted to using the plastic drawers from Bunnies, they in all sorts of sizes such as low A4 drawers, Deep drawers etc etc and they are stackable and sit on the shelf and is a good use of space.

    They are called OATES and here is an example link:


    I just label them with my Brothers Labeller such as SCREWDRIVERS, SMALL SCREWDRIVERS, METRIC SPANNERS, IMPERIAL SPANNERS ETC ETC. why I have even a few specialised small hammers that fit perfect and keeps them all organised and together.

    I’d show a pic but I can’t find how to upload to your site.



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