Storage solutions

I have been looking for additional storage for a while, and came across the Kobalt cabinets in Masters.

Despite being an in-house brand, they seemed pretty good on a number of fronts. Doors were heavy, cupboard depth was generous, and they looked good (and without fake boilerplate).

Still, I ummed and ahhed a bit, and decided to measure the available space, and sleep on it- at $300 for a full cabinet and $170 for a wall mounted one, I wanted to think about it more.

On the way home, stopped for petrol from a Woolworths station, and got a voucher on the receipt for 15% off at Masters. Then, while having a look online, discovered they were now on special- $169 and $149. Hoping they would still have stock, and that I would be able to use the discount voucher as well, I headed on down, and sure enough, got the cabinets I wanted at a really good price.

While doing the very straight-forward assembly, I discovered something else- solid design, and a well thought out assembly method, with understandable instructions.

Screws were preinserted in holes, ready for the final tightening after inserting into the relevant keyhole. That made assembly particularly easy, and quick.

After a bit of a shed rearrangement, I now have this shed setup:


Now I just have to figure out what goes where!

As you can see, the bar fridge got relocated as well, and the Walko workbench set up a bit better as well.


7 Responses

  1. What? No curtains at the windows? Mum

  2. These are the guys I get my cabinets from Stuart. Very robust and extremely happy with the units.

  3. I would like to raise a safety point in regard to the bar fridge, it isn’t very ergonomic as it is now situated and, as it may be one of the most used tools in your shed, I believe it should warrant a proper ergonomic study to be carried out the same as with any high useage equipment.. I’ve also found that placing it at eye level helps greatly when trying to find the last stubbie particularly if you started out with a dozen πŸ™‚

    • It is a very interesting point that you raise Graham, but let me provide a different viewpoint that may address your concerns satisfactorally.

      When the fridge is full, and it is early in proceedings, it is not too much trouble to reach down, fish around and come up with a beverage. By the end of a session though, woodworking is perhaps not as high on the agenda as much as sitting in the sun, in the doorway right alongside where the fridge is situated, allowing very easy, eyelevel access to the fridge to find the remaining stubbies.

      I believe my understanding of ergonomics will satisfy your concerns in this instance.


      • It is good to know that you considered the safety aspects of your bar fridge, I only use mine as a product enhancement tool altho I do find that any that require about 6 enhancements invariably end up (the next morning) in that other very useful tool ‘THE BIN’ πŸ™‚

        • When I have the pot belly connected up, that will become the primary disposing unit for failed (or over enhanced) projects!

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