Workshop Heating

Seems like it was summer only yesterday (and in Melbourne, that is pretty much the case) and now the cold is approaching.

(Actually, even over the course of today, I had rain, then sun to the point the roller door was radiating heat)

But that will change, and it will become consistently cold, and wet.

What better way to provide warmth, ambiance, and have a method of discarding offcuts (and failed projects), than a potbelly. As it happens, I have one that has been waiting to have a home. It was meant to go into the last shed, and that just didn’t happen. Will definitely make it happen this time around.

I was originally going to use a coonara, (have a spare of those as well), but think the potbelly has a better ambiance, and takes up less room.

Still, working out where to put it is still proving to be a bit of a challenge.

This is my current best guess for a location, but it isn’t really gelling for me yet. I would be happier if I had another location for the drum sander.


5 Responses

  1. a hole in the roof ?

  2. Sander dust and fire are not a good mix.

  3. Stuey. How do you change the paper in your drum sander mate ? I have the identical one and it’s a bear to change the roll. Any special trick to it ?

  4. I agree with Ian. You are generating an explosive atmosphere in the shed.
    Get a split system reverse cycle aircon and have the convenience of a switch, The head can be up high out of the way and you have the added benefit of low humidity and also cooling during summer. Set the pot belly up outside under a verandah, put a grate around it so no one burns themselves on it. This way you can have heated winter BBQ’s and burn the offcuts all year round.

  5. You need a bigger shed.

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