Sorry John & Peter

I have, once again, successfully qualified for the worst welding of the year award. I do so each time with a massive grin on the dial- I may be a shite welder, but I really enjoy it anyway!

Welding is an artform and it takes finesse and dexterity to wield the MMAW holder and electrode as an artist. My welding is like a 5 year old picking up a paintbrush, with all the concentration a 5 year old can apply to a really important task, load the paintbrush with paint, then headbutt the page instead. But I still love it!

So what possible disaster inspired all this? Fitting some more of the green shelving in, and this time under the Torque Workcentre.

I had 2 uprights, but needed a third. After cutting the two down to fit under the TWC, I used the offcuts to fabricate a third. The base being welded to the upright. It may be shockingly bad, but it still works (and a bit of green spray paint hid a lot of the crime scene).

And the result? Pretty cool!

(For those wondering, John & Peter are a couple of my uncles, Peter is a pretty skilled welder from memory, and John is a very talented metalworking artisan, currently making some very cool steam engines over on his blog John’s Machines)


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