Confused, or Impressed?

Either way, I think I’d want one, but I have no idea why, or even the minor point that I don’t typically work with material that needs edgebanding!

A Festool workshop- shame we can’t buy one of these off the shelf!


If you are away from the workshop, perhaps this systainer would get you out of trouble

So much Festool, so little time!


6 Responses

  1. And all for $5000 I found out

    Steve Innes Concept Designer Ph: 0418 807 808


    • GOOD GRIEF!!! There is no way I would have guessed anywhere near that. Guess I am glad I don’t have any real need to be tempted then 🙂

  2. What out of reality crap

  3. I think I prefer the way we do it here, no more fuss & much cheaper

  4. The Conturo looks to be inferior to my current edge banding tool which can do edge banding and iron my clothes too.

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