Stu’s Fair Dinkum Shed

Think I have been a bit slack – things have been such a whirlwind getting everything done, and moved and finished (etc), that I don’t think I’ve actually published any photos of the shed?!

shed-1 shed-2I’m very close (and looking forward) to giving you a walking tour of the inside (and outside)

It is a pretty cool thing to have I can tell you.

5 Responses

  1. Looks very cool; wish I had the room to build a similar “shed”

  2. So terribly jealous of this. If you ever need a “workshop sitter”, just let me know! 🙂

  3. Hi Stu the sheds looking fantastic, I like the saw blades at the door, I wonder what the sign that will grace the entrance will look like. Perhaps a video
    Rgds Anthony Z

  4. Hi Stu, the old shed was a long time coming, but I reckon it was worth every agonising day, it looks a million dollars. Can’t wait to see how its all laid out. One thing I thought of, when I was admiring that big old roller door you have, is whether you prefer to have it open or closed, when you’re in there. Me personally, I love heaps of natural light and fresh air when I’m tinkering, so my tilt-a-door is always open unless there’s a gale blowing or its freezing.

    • During the week, all closed up, if working out there in an evening. During the weekend, wide open. That is when I remember I even have a roller door! So used to a tight, closed shop I forget that I even have a massive roller door!

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