Takin’ out the trash

Some of the hidden cost of having a shed built is the impact on the garden. Not only the ripped soil, wrecked grass and deep ruts and compressed soil, but the amount of rubbish that is generated.

Cardboard, packing material, plastic, abandoned self-tappers, offcuts of steel, offcuts of insulation etc etc.

Add to that a new saw, and the boxes and polystyrene, and some left over Christmas and you have a small mountain clogging up the works. So as dull as it is, I spent my productive time takin’ out the trash. Made a good pile of it too. Sheds (and the activities therein) sure do generate a fair output of waste (and not just failed projects that quietly go into the wood burner!)


2 Responses

  1. Hey Stu! I was impressed with the “trash” story, mate. Do you remember me telling you about my Backyard Armageddon, where a 72 ton tree from the rear neighbour’s property took out my shed, machines and back of house and patio?

    Well, we’re still in recovery mode: another 5 weeks they say.

    To the Point. Once my insurance claim was paid out, I went over to CarbaTec in Balcatta, and struck up a really handsome deal for the replacement machines. The guys there were awesome. Into the deal, I built in a component by which they’ll truck the machines here in boxes, and I’ve paid them to help me unpack, install and tune the new stuff up. The truck will take away all of he resulting packaging.



  2. Hope it resolves quickly. A great arrangement you have set up there – the hidden cost of replacement machinery is not only the copious amounts of packaging, but just the amount of time fine tuning each machine. A really good idea, and well worth remembering when putting in an order for a decent number of machines, and especially when getting an insurance claim processed.

    Our time is too valuable!

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