Line Shaft Setup

It has taken just a little longer than I was expecting when I purchased some line shaft pulleys and belts 10 months ago, but I have finally had a chance to get them up and on display as I originally intended.

They do look a bit out of place, but that is in part the contrast of the old technology with the new, and also the clean, yet to be really filled (and ‘shedified’) workshop. Working on it!




4 Responses

  1. What are you doing? Are you insane? Get those pulleys out of there, sand blast them and make a display that functions and then find a home for them.
    I foresee your shed diminishing in size, filled with projects that maybe one day you will work on and the result will be that you can’t even open the shed door due to clutter.
    All your hard work wasted. Come on Stu, clean and tidy, heaps of space, lovely floor finish… proud of your achievement!

    • Sandblast 100 years of patina off the pulleys?? I know what you are saying, but there is a big trade off needed between a pristine, functional workshop that is so sterile it looks like you can perform surgery in there, and one with some character. These pulleys and belts don’t diminish functionality (where they are located is not interfering with the significant benefit of head height).

      The workshop is not only a space where tools can reside and function, the space itself has to inspire. The workshop is my muse.

      They also make an interesting tie between woodworking of the last century, and modern machines, which have had little change in form, except for their power supply.

      • Stu, I think peoples workshops reflect their personality.
        I am a person who does not like obstacles in life, hence my workshop is always a place that I can walk into and I can create without yesterdays clutter slowing me down.
        To each their own.

  2. I have just acquired a lovely Belt drive camelback drill press! So I can fully relate to the desire to be inspired by your workshop. I’m trying to restore the drill so if any of your reader know of the maker RSB I’d love to hear from them because I can find nothing!

    It’s your shed fill it with what makes you happy.

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