Storage Sunday

The second part of the weekend effort was focused on creating the timber storage area.  This is the final piece of the storage jigsaw, and (once the mezzanine is completed) it means everything can start to migrate to its permanent home.

Oh, well not quite – there is the not-insubstantial issue of storage within the workshop, but that is (kind of) a different matter.

The timber store is a big deal though – a dedicated storage area for everything from the smallest through to the longest, and the largest pieces.  It is 6m long, 1.5m wide, totaling 9m2 of timber storage.  Certainly not the biggest I’ve seen – Chris Vesper’s and Lazy Larry’s both still put it to shame, but that is ok – I wasn’t looking to create the biggest, or the best, just something that suits my needs.

It has plenty of length, so long supplies will not be an issue, and sheet goods will have plenty of area to be laid out for ease of access.

The materials for the store came from the original 3×3 shed that was taken down at the start of the workshop project.  After slicing and dicing, (and with a bit of fudging), it has worked out pretty well.

Photo 16-02-2014 18 37 21Alongside is a perfect little area for sheet steel etc – some of the leftover sheets from the workshop build.  I was originally going to make the front out of the remainder of the steel from the workshop, but in the end the convenience of cutting the original front wall in half, and retaining the door (already fitted) won the day.

Inside, you can get an idea of what I mean about storage.

Photo 16-02-2014 18 37 32I am not sure how the store will go in bad weather – specifically leaks, and any water that may come under the walls.  Things will have to be stored up off the floor (which is normal anyway), and on wood racks.  I will have to go out there the next decent rain and find the main leaks to patch.  Won’t be much – nail hole here, leaking joint there.

In the back corner, you can see the external GPO fitted to the back corner of the workshop for the air compressor (which will also go in here).  Even the pallet jack has found a home.

I am very pleased how it has worked out. Probably won’t do much with the floor – perhaps some pavers that I have spare.  I might do the same as I have in the other shed, but it is not a priority at this stage.

Now just have to get the mezzanine completed (I’ve already started moving things up there – couldn’t wait!)

Running total now:

Workshop: 50m2
Mezzanine storage: 21m2
Timber Store: 9m2
Total: 80m2

That’ll do
(for the time being!)

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