Storage Saturday

Take one Kapex, one air compressor and one framing gun, and quick as a flash, the floor was done in the back storage shed. (Shed#2 as mentioned recently)

This one is not for shed stuff, but for various household items that otherwise clog up garages, or workshops.

Also gave the Gorilla Gripper a run, carrying the sheets in for the floor.  That is one superb workshop accessory – I’m still surprised it isn’t readily available (in Australia).   I was using it to carry some other sheet goods around as well, and I can really see how the “General Purpose” one (0-21mm) would also be useful if you were slinging tin or aluminium about (or lifting thin sheets of ply etc)  Irrespective, the contractor’s was excellent – and I am going to be reminded of that every time I pick up a sheet.

Finally, after I cannot remember how long, I was finally able to empty the camping gear out of the trailer, and store it in its final home.  And the Xmas decos can make their way from the garage.  Things are finally coming together.

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  1. Hmmm … makes me start to think, Stu, that when its as though your shed has its own shed you—just like the rest of us—might just be starting to accumulate too much stuff! No, my apologies, I’m sure that was just a momentary lapse on my part. I’ll be better after a coffee.

  2. I’ve tried carrying 5 sheets of 7mm (600x900mm) ply in the Gorilla Gripper and they just fit, but not too well. One of the pads doesn’t sit flat, which is crucial for a good grip. It did work, but I tried shaking them up and down a bit to see if they would fall out and, well…. they did. lol. But you could carry multiples (up to 4 x 7mm) of thinner material fairly securely. There’s enough friction in ply sheets piled together to hold fairly firmly. Although having said that, it’s kind of pointless because smaller thinner sheets of ply are so light, you could just carry multiples without a Gorilla Gripper quite easily. The larger more cumbersome sheets is where it becomes invaluable.

    • Definitely comes down to which version of the Gripper you have. There are 3, each with a different range of material widths.

    • Is it possible to apply a spacer (attached with velcro) to the inside of the gripper to “bulk it up ” on the inside for thinner sheets?

      • A spacer would definitely work, but I wouldn’t use velcro. The Gorilla Gripper has a rough textured rubber coating on the pads and they contribute a great deal to its excellent performance. A spacer that’s smooth on one side, and perhaps a bit of sandpaper stuck on the other side would work quite well I think for thin wood, perhaps another spacer with some kind of rubber face on one side would work well for thin metal sheets. In fact a spacer with rubber on one side might be all you need. You wouldn’t actuall need to secure the spacer with anything, like velcro, it would be held there by the clamping action of the Gripper.

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