Had a crack at taping insulation to the inside of the shed doors, from leftover offcuts.

I also placed a sheet up against the window, just as the sun was belting against the northern face.

I’m sure it is just my imagination, but it seemed to make a real difference! As an added bonus, the doors became significantly quieter when they closed- removed the tinny rattle. I only did the 2 doors affected by the sun, but will now do the south-facing door as well for the noise benefit.


Went right through the builders’ rubbish pile they left behind, and scavenged quite a bit of insulation it seems. I’m hoping enough to have a fair crack at the roller door.

Before spending time (and tape), I will take one of the longest bits, tack it on and check the function of the roller door isn’t impeded.

Job for another day though- too many other things on the to do list!

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  1. For the roller door you may not need to attach it to the door. In most large companies with those doors they have a flexible curtain that hands down, like you might have see a few years ago in large food chains. The idea is to just create a barrier about 6-12 inches inside of the door. It holds down sound and does prevent some heat from escaping if you open them in the window. You might even be able to figure out how to make it into a curtain you can slide back and forth. I use the same foil material you have to insulate and I am not sure if you did this or not but that type of insulation works best if you have about an inch gap between that material and the surface you are covering. You could build a bunch of frames like that and slip them between the wall posts to insulate and reduce the sound level.

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