Weekend Summary

After a very short shed visit today where I just managed to attach the air filtration to the underside of the mezzanine, I headed to hide in air conditioned space.  A disappointing loss of a day.

I got a little more done yesterday with the help of Dennis (cheers!!) who dropped around to see progress in person.  We got the dust extractor up to the mezzanine floor, and the last of the really cumbersome machines out to the shed – the 17″ bandsaw.  Only the drill press to go now before I start to work out where all the smaller machines and tools will go.  I had a look for some fittings to start the dust extractor run, but Masters doesn’t stock much in the way of 6″ pipe supplies.  I can either do what I normally do with 4″ everywhere, but i did want to see what having a 6″ main trunk line with 4″ going to each of the machines would work like.  I’m not sure how I will get extraction from each of the central machines, without blocking movement around the machines, or getting in the way on infeed and outfeed areas.  The perpetual problem!

Also had a visit from Michael (who is the editor of the Professional Woodworkers Supplies newsletter), and we discussed a number of ideas, including workshop layout.  The result of which is the workbench has now been moved to the back section of the workshop, and a new, smaller workbench and storage unit will be made to fit under the window.

Another bench will be made for the back corner, so the sink can be installed.  If only I had a supply of timber, and the machines to work it….. 😉

So to some latest progress photos:

Photo 1-02-2014 21 53 17

Tablesaw, router table and SCMS area.

Each machine can be moved (in fact almost every machine in the workshop can be reasonably easily repositioned given the wheeled bases I use everywhere), where different amounts of infeed and outfeed areas are required.  Given the room between machines, I can (for example), spin the tablesaw 90 degrees, move the router table completely out the way and break down full, even oversized sheets.

The dust extractor (as you will see soon) is now close to the main workbench, so can be spun around from the Kapex, and used with any of the other hand power tools at the workbench (and given much of the Festool is being stored under the arms of the Kapex, even they are close to hand).

Photo 1-02-2014 21 53 24

A bit more of a turn to the left, and the bandsaw comes into view, plenty of room around it, and behind it against the wall will (potentially) be where the drill press will go.  These are in the vicinity of the lathes too.  And now the workbench comes into view – within reach of the dust extractor hose.  Given the hose also carries power for the Festool tools, it is quite functional with minimal need to move the Cleantex.

Photo 1-02-2014 21 53 33

Next bit of a turn, and we see the lathe bay.  The air filter under the bench is now gone – mounted on the ceiling, and the Jet Mini on the bench is unclear what will happen with it still.  The Comet II is now on the lathe stand (some modification needed to get it to bolt down securely), and the DVR is still in prime position.  The bench is not too close to interfere with lathe operations, but close enough to have supplies and tools laid out as needed.  And there is good access to both vices.

Photo 1-02-2014 21 53 42

A quick 180 and we see the second bandsaw (set up with fine scrolling blades), the sink is out of frame to the left, which is also where the Tormek T7 will find a home.

Directly in front is the drum sander, with the outfeed now directly across the Torque Workcentre.  A small height adjustment will get the outfeed above the TWC.  The jointer as good infeed and outfeed area by the solitary mid-shed pillar.  The Walko workbench is currently where the new small workbench will be located, under the shed window.  Storage units are in the corner near the door.

Photo 1-02-2014 21 54 02

Final view shows the jointer, thicknesser, and Torque Workcentre (currently with a CNC Shark Pro on top).

So that is where I have gotten to so far.  Is looking functional, although the proof will be when wood starts to get worked, and that cannot be far away (if for no other reason but my own sanity).

All still tracking pretty closely to my original planning too.  From here on, there is no plan to work to, so there will be some sorting and re-sorting as I bring in the oscillating sander, linisher, scrollsaw etc etc.

3 Responses

  1. Mate, where’s the beer fridge!

    • Still looking for a suitable one. Wanted the VB dispensing fridge (that looked pretty awesome), but given that is a no-go, it’ll have to be something more traditional. Problem is any small fridges I’ve looked at have awful efficiency ratings.

      Still need to find a couple of stools as well, to go with the wine barrel I’ve kept to be the ‘bar’. Might have to resort to making them (perish the thought).

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