Setting up the SawStop

It has been a while coming (sure I could say that about a number of things at the moment!), but I finally had an opportunity to put the SawStop together.

Shot some video of that at the same time, so hopefully that will go into the details more.

First impressions are good, very similar to the TS10L in a lot of ways.

Once it was up, I tweaked the layout a little more.  Still plenty of room for the few machines yet to be moved in (bandsaw, drill press, DVR lathe).  Some things are still not quite in their right place, but as has been observed, lots of room around each machine.

Starting to feel like a workshop out there, especially now with the tablesaw set up.  After I get the current video of the assembly done, there will be more to follow, including finetuning the setup.  One little surprise – despite being a 15A machine (technically 13A), I was surprised it came with a 10A plug  Not that it will make a difference – I still have a 15A circuit available for it.

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  1. One thing I would like to point out with the Sawstop is that if your hand is drawn violently into the line-of-fire with the blade there is still the risk of a serious injury as your hand hits the blade. 5 milli-secs is still long enough to do a lot of damage if your hand is travelling about 60/70 clicks an hour. Basically what I’m trying to say is that the sawstop is a secondary line-of-defence, the primary defence is still no different to any other saw and I believe it would be a good safe practice to use this saw as if this stop mechanism is not fitted. Perhaps a good test will be to throw a sausage at the blade and see what happens to it. By the way I am trading up to one :).

    • Absolutely agree with your comments Graham. The SawStop mechanism is like the air bag in a car. No guarantee it will function, (although countless car accidents and SawStop accidents indicates it probably will), nor that you will come away without injury.

      The intention is to do the best possible to minimise the harm.

      I’ve activated one slowly, with no damage visible on the sausage, and at normal cutting speed, with a minimal nick. Faster = more damage, but still so much less that otherwise possible.

      Btw, if you threw a sausage into the blade, you would end up with a mangled sausage, as the safety mechanism would not activate. Not because of the speed, but a sausage on its own does not have enough mass for the mechanism to detect the current drop. You need to be holding the sausage to add your mass to that of the sausage for the mechanism to detect the cut.

      • So if I bring over a leg of lamb can we use that hmmm I think pork would be the better test as its used as an human analogue in testing(mythbuster style)

  2. Dang that floor looks the goods!

  3. Is the mobile base a generic one or the hydraulic sawstop unit?

  4. Another reason I am trading up to a Sawstop is the provision to adjust everything on this saw even down to the backlash on the tilt gear mechanism. I don’t know of any other saw that has this full suite of adjustment. Also all these adjustments are able to be carried out by a layman not a qualified tradesman or the need of any specialist tooling. A finely tuned machine is the first step towards a safe machine.

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