Power to the People

So the electricians came today (and are back again tomorrow to finish off).  Had quite a discussion with him about what he had thought, and what I was looking at, and we came up with the following.

Perhaps a bit of overkill, but you cannot have too many outlets.  Not that you plan to use them all, but that gives the most flexibility.

This is where we have gone to far (and although it looks complicated, it is no where near as noticeable in the shed.  Other than there being power where you’d want it).


So what do we have?  Two double GPOs per wall, between columns.  Two outdoor GPOs.  3x single 15A GPOs (green).  The main section (where the tablesaw is in the image above) has 2 circuits.  This circuit also covers 2x double GPOs on the mezzanine.  Bay 1 (at the back) is another circuit, Bay 2 (near the main entrance door) is another one again.

The lights are on yet another circuit, and there is a dedicated circuit for the dust extractor.

Sum total: 50x10A GPOs, 3x15A GPOs, 15x10A GPOs for lights

Just one missing – I will get a double GPO put on the central column (for the jointer), off the dust extractor circuit. probably.

One thing to be sure of – I am not going to be left wondering if there is enough outlets, or where the nearest spare outlet is!!  Another thing to be sure of, with the number of individual circuits (8), and the 63A supply to the shed, it will be the most robust power supply we can come up with!

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