Deciding on GPOs

Looking at the shed plans, trying to decide on the distribution of GPOs (power outlets) around the shed.

So far I am getting stupid numbers – like 4 GPOs per pillar, plus 1 each corner of the mezzanine, and each light fitting (and two for air filtration).  Total: 75.  Plus 3 x 15A GPOs and 2 outdoor GPOs.

What would you suggest would be a sensible layout for this shop footprint? (Machine location is very approximate at best)


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  1. Stuart, I found 4 gang gpo’s to be very useful near my benches, for sanders, radio and other “domestic” appliances etc.

    • Hi Stuart

      Realistically, a double GPO at each machine location column, plus 15 amps where required. Also, look at a few pendant power points, even think of running one on an overhead catenary wire so that it can be in reach over an assembly bench etc. but not a trip hazard. Pendant GPO’s are a bit expensive but worth it in the long term.

  2. Probably only need a double GPO at each machine at this stage. It is easy to add more later, if needed. Definitely need 4 gang GPO`s at all benches.

  3. Consider 2xDoubles instead of quads – they are dear!

  4. I have run my ‘pendants’ from the wall GPO’s utilising the roof steel, rare earth magnets,steel curtain rings (similar to keyrings only bigger) and extension cords I put the magnet on the steel, fit the curtain ring around the cord and just hang it up, the rings hang vertical and I put one about every 1.5 meters. You have all the mezzanine purlins to hang them from. A cheap alternative seeing pendant switches alone are about $45 ea. GPO’s are the same as clamps, you can never have enough of them 🙂

  5. Put a double about every half metre
    and a few of those hanging ones
    I’ve a fixed bench along one wall and even have a couple along the bench front (cords aren’t draped over the bench that way
    You’ll need at least 3 doubles near the lathe, (lathe, light, drill, small fan, charger for little hand driver etc)

  6. Stuart, I have a sparky coming to do my garage soon. Suggested for the 15 amp (tablesaw), run cable along the roof, down a wall, then cut a groove in the concrete floor (less than 2 metres) for conduit and a floor outlet. Admittedly, my floor is 40 years old, not brand new!

  7. Thanks for all the feedback – I was reading each and every one during the day, and considering them while the electricians were working, including bouncing the ideas off them.

    It definitely helped!

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