Deciding on GPOs

Looking at the shed plans, trying to decide on the distribution of GPOs (power outlets) around the shed.

So far I am getting stupid numbers – like 4 GPOs per pillar, plus 1 each corner of the mezzanine, and each light fitting (and two for air filtration).  Total: 75.  Plus 3 x 15A GPOs and 2 outdoor GPOs.

What would you suggest would be a sensible layout for this shop footprint? (Machine location is very approximate at best)


Plumbing: Complete

Granted, that doesn’t include any water supply.  This is specifically connecting the shed to the storm water for the building permit sign off.  Has a 1:100 gradient, and I’ve gone with 100mm pipe inground – significantly stronger (double the price) of 90mm, and can cope with a vehicle driving over the top rather than crushing just by looking at it.

Deal is I am doing the infill, so don’t be surprised that it doesn’t look quite finished.  Backyard currently looks like it has had a Y section autopsy!

Tomorrow it is the electrician’s turn.  Just goes to show: build a shed and there is no saving the back yard.  The final step in the whole process will be to get the back yard redone, including new turf to go from destruction to picture-perfect (again).

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