Ohms Law

I am finding it VERY difficult to resist moving machines into the new shed.

It is just sitting there empty, while I have a brand new SawStop crying out to be released from its box, not to mention all the other machines that have been waiting much of a year for their new home too.

The floor will be up to it by Wednesday (full strength actually takes 28 days, but you can drive and park on it in 3, so that is a pretty fair indicator!) The surface can be walked on, so I have been wandering around a bit out there. Interestingly, the floor has a noticeable amount of give. The epoxy isn’t very thick, but even what is on the concrete is enough to tell that it is an elastic layer.

In other news, we will be sorting out the plumbing of the shed to the stormwater on Friday, so I should be able to get the permit signoff early next week.

I have had an electrician out, and while I am waiting for a cost indication from him (expecting it today) before proceeding, we are potentially getting the electrical done next week as well.

So it is all happening! (Hope the bank account can cope)

In the meantime, resisting, resisting


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