Shed Services

Time to start thinking about the required services needed in the shed.

Plumbing: not so much a service, but getting water away from the shed and into the appropriate drain is important. I have a plumber coming around tomorrow to work out just what needs to be done in this instance. We also need to identify where the pipe runs are on the property, so when the trenches for electricity is dug, the trencher doesn’t cause more work than necessary!

As far as water service to the shed, (which is related to the drains), I am planning on having a small tank collecting water and supplying it via a mains pressure pump I already have to a basin in the back of the shed. Way too useful not to have a water supply for things such as the Tormek sharpener, and washing items etc. That I suspect is a little way off- depends how much a small tank is.

Electrical: had an electrician around today to see the site, and to start ball-parking the cost of wiring up the shed. Looking at about 60A of power, with a few circuits- one for lighting, and the rest for 10A & 15A supply. I have the lighting grid done, so now I just have to design the electrical layout over the weekend. If all goes to plan, we may do it the week after next.

Air: compressed air is a really useful asset for a shed, so I am working with Professional Woodworkers Supplies to choose a kit and add-ons to create a really useful compressed air layout. This includes a couple of outlets above the workbench and the Torque Workcentre- one for vac clamo, one for everything else (aka, blowing dust away)

Each of these services will be detailed a lot further as I work on their final design and layout.

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  1. Hey Stu, I’ve recently had electrical supply added to my shop.

    I redrafted the plans a dozen times or more. I’ve documented some of it over at

    Eventually I decided on a 32A submain, mostly 15A plugs, a three phase outlet, 16 bayonet fittings holding LED bulbs. Seems to work well. In the end they had to upgrade my house supply to upgrade the shed.

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