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  1. Did you see that Teknatool is recalling these in the US?
    Apparently brittle so that they can crack.
    And they are not good for reverse use either it seems.

    • A small number of the sliders have come back from the manufacturer that have been over-hardened, and that does make them potentially brittle.

      The full recall is to prevent any possibility of any being missed, and a replacement batch will be issued shortly.

      I haven’t heard, or been told of any issue with the jaws being operated in reverse- that is what the locking pin is designed to allow.

  2. The Infinity website claims that only light sanding up to 2000 rpm in reverse is OK, and no actual turning is recommended. http://www.novainfinitychuck.com/q-a.html

    • That is about all you want to do in reverse anyway isn’t it? If there is something more that is done in reverse, for the few turners that would do that, then go with the original SuperNova2.

  3. is there a release date for oz yet?

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