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  1. Coming along nicely Stu, you won’t know what to do with yourself once it’s all done

  2. Bluddy ripper-reeter. Now the joy of “positioning” begins. I probably missed design stage to do with shelving spaces. Have fun man and do it as another time with motion clip please.
    Enjoy. Grin. Smile. Have fun.Laugh as well.
    Orh would you be able to store a prop and shaft for me please? 1.8 m stainless shaft and 3 blade 14″ prop. I don’t have space in my shed at the moment.!!!!

  3. Hi Stu
    Rapt to see the progress, bet you can’t wait to get going with the next phase, once construction is finished.
    Just one thing from looking at the pics & videos, how will you have access to your mezzanine?
    You’ve probably answered that question in an earlier post, but I guess I must have missed it.

    • I have some attic stairs from my previous house – will be looking to incorporate them once the final inspection is completed.

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