SSYTC064 SpinChill

It may not be woodworking, but we all enjoy a cold beverage of some description, and we have all been stuck on occasion wanting it cold a lot faster than conventional methods will allow.

Here is a quick look at a way of using a power tool (drill) and a bucket of ice, along with a Spin Chill bit (from who I found through Kickstarter (crowd funding)) to get a bottle or can to drinking temperature in 60 seconds.

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  1. Nice thing yo… in your new shed.I’d be experimenting too. Lining looks great.
    Still I question: wash trough (ship’s head) inboard (tautology?). External tank could easily be internal water gravity feed? I see none in plan nor slab plumbed.for a WC.. I DO acknowledge it is a matter of things (design) including dollars?
    I am so grateful that my shed has internal running water(plumbed)
    I am enjoying the progress of your shed too. thanks and hang in there/their/they’re it’ll all be all fine.

    • It’s a matter of timing actually. The local council (I’ve been told) gets very concerned about structures built for supposedly one purpose, but actually intended to become a dwelling. Now we know what this shed is for, but it was (and is) safer to ensure that purpose is as clear as possible.

      It isn’t a difficult retrofit afterwards, and I even have a mains-pressure pump sitting idle that can be utilised.

      Having a water supply in the shed will be very useful- from washing hands to topping up the Tormek sharpener etc.

      Definitely on the cards, just not the highest priority!

  2. Great to see the new shed in use.
    Keep the progress posts rolling, very impressive so far.

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