I am very sorry…

to anyone who was hoping to be the first down under to have the new Nova Infinity System. You can still be the second if you like.

This system has been in development for over 3 years – certainly not something rushed to market, and like every other Teknatool significant development, it is a game-changer.


I will expand (siginficantly) on the system shortly, after having some time to play with it, which includes the new Infinity Chuck, the upgrade kit for the SN2 chuck to make it an Infinity Chuck, some of the new jaws, and the retro kit for adapt existing jaws to fit the new system.


They have really been working on the packaging too – it has come a long way since their first packaging, and even the previous generation is very utilitarian compared to this latest set.


It may not be as good for storing the various items in the workshop, but it is going to be much better in stores, as it really displays the items very nicely.




No building today after all. Next date (after a Christmas break) will be Friday 27th, which is earlier than expected, so that is good news.

Some other (shed related) news shortly, but I have a Gingerbread Shed to make. Uh, I meant a Gingerbread House 😉

Weather Report

Checking in on the weather report, all looking ok. Glad we are not a bit more east (or that band a bit further west)

Looks like day 2 is a go!


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