Hurry up and wait

Day rolls into day, week into week, and add into the mix every wet day seems to cause an additional 2-3 days of delay.

No, there is no news on progress of the shed.  There it sits on the naturestrip, looking sad and very little like a shed.  There are a few other sheds still in front of mine on the builders’ list, and they seem to be going much slower than expected.  One was meant to be 4 days, but with rain that became 10.  The next, who knows.  I even had delivery of the roller door yesterday, but what turned up was the guide rails for either side, and not the roller itself.  Apparently that has never happened before in 9 years.  That may be, but nothing surprises me anymore.  I just want it built and finished so I can just get on with things.

In the meantime, I guess all I can do is reverting to play with lego.


(A set originally made by someone mimicking the New Yankee Workshop, to which I have made a couple of photoshopping tweaks).

I had a shed.  Once.

I will again, but what a painful journey from one to the next.  Hopefully not too many other tools have been wrecked by the extended delay (other than the ones I found last weekend).  Sure has made maintaining this website, and continuing to write articles for ManSpace extremely difficult.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Stuart
    Maintain the faith bro, as painful as the wait may be, I’m sure the reward (when it all comes together), will be more than worthwhile.
    I’ll even offer up a small huon pine sacrifice, if it helps to stop the rain falling.

    • Give it a try- it can’t make the rain worse- my naked anti-rain dance around the slab that should be a shed didn’t have any effect!

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