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  1. Thanks for sharing Stu. It’s *too* American for me though. It must be hard to stay that excited for a sustained period of time. Maybe you should overdub with your voice? 🙂

    • Chris is a very funny guy, and is an American comedian rather than a tool guy (although he has become moreso with the seasons of Cool Tools).

      This is a persona he adopts for the show – it is fun watching the transition, and being around for all the back of house carry on that goes on while the work out (in some cases) what the hell the tool is, how to use it, and how to showcase it.

      If I ever moved to America, I would seriously look at Denver, and I’d certainly put my resume into High Noon – it was a great group to work with (an no where near as full on as the on-camera stuff appears!)

      Hmm – overdub. Might bear some thinking about when I have some down time!

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