Sign ‘o’ the Times


In a recent video, you will have seen me using a Promac generator with my new Festool Kapex.  There is more to the story, and it is all about the sine.

Many generators produce an approximation of a sine wave, and for some things, that is good enough.


The problem is a stepped or simulated sine wave is bad news for electronic equipment, and that also goes for the electronics of Festool equipment.

However, this is one of the real advantages of the Promac generator.  It produces a pure sine wave, making it safe for electronic equipment, and Festool as well 🙂

So if you are want to use Festool equipment offsite, or other electronic equipment for that matter, either make sure your generator is high quality, and produces a pure sine wave (and not just an approximation of it), or just get a Promac generator and not have to worry.

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