Readying the Block

Bit of a hard yakka weekend – after spending Saturday morning moving staff into the new space at work, I came home and spent the rest of the day emptying the 3×3 shed (which was filled with the leftover stuff from the previous shed – the timber, the dust extraction hoses, and a whole heap of miscellaneous stuff that I hope will have a use in the new shed, and if not, will quickly find its way into the skip).

That took much of the day, followed by the demolition of the shed itself.  Not sure what its long term future is, will wait to see how the main shed goes, and it may be scavenged for panels, or sold off altogether.

Today was another full day, cleaning up the block, then moving about a tonne of river stones, and another tonne of edging brick.

Not sure what else I can do – as far as I am concerned the block is ready for the concreter to come in, scrape the soil, remove the original slab, dig the footings, box it up, and pour the slab itself.  No idea when that will actually happen – done everything I can.

ready-1Late in the afternoon, I got out some spot marker (spray can), and again marked out the shed boundaries.  Hope the professionals can do a better job – I struggled to get square corners which made it a bit difficult.  However, it got there, and I alternated between it will be great to having a new shed, and not sure if it will be big enough.  However, no matter what, I know it cannot be any bigger, so it will be what it is.  The mezzanine will be a real asset in keeping the main floor clear.  No matter how much I plan, or try to visualise how it will work, it really means nothing until the shed is actually delivered.

Now time to hurry up and wait.

2 Responses

  1. Good to see the project underway!

  2. Hi Stu
    Great to see ongoing progress, hope it continues to go smoothly.
    As to whether it will be big enough, a shed’s never big enough!!!, but I’m sure you’ll come up with all sorts of innovative ways to use the space that you have.

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