A temporary hiccup by Kreg

It seems the experiment by Kreg in the combo screw is over. (I sure hope that is the case)

In a comment dialogue with Kreg on facebook, where I wished they would return to the quality design of genuine Robertson square drive screws, rather than the Phillips/Robertson bastard son of bad engineering, they gave me this response.

We actually did return to the square-drive style head. They’ve been in circulation for quite a while. Dealers may still have a stock of the combo-style head, depending on when and how many they ordered. When you are ready to purchase screws again, you might want to check their inventory. If you can’t find the style you want at your local dealer, they are available direct from us, as well: http://www.kregtool.com/PocketHole-Screws-and-Plugs-Prodlist.html

I will be very relieved if/when that proves to be correct. ***Update*** the latest boxes of screws in Carbatec confirm – the combo head is history!

One Response

  1. Hey just an fyi the big green shed has a bunch of square drive screws, the packets have a bit included with them as well

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