SSYTC058 Profile Pro on the C26 Genius

Another tool I got to play with at the wood show was the C26 Genius, a MiniMax combo– again from Gabbett Machinery.

Trying out the Amana Tool Profile Pro from, with a rebate cutter, then one of the profile cutters.

Photos are in an earlier post, but you can’t really see just how smooth the finish was, straight off the tool.

Cutters were changed without having to remove the cutter block from the spindle moulder – very easy system that positively aligns, and restrains the blades in the cutter block.

The starter set comes with 7 different profiles (including a straight rebate), but there are 137(!!!) different profiles to choose from for this cutter block, many costing around $US26.

SSYTC058 Profile Pro on the C26 Genius

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