That one, right there!



They have arrived!  Shipment has landed, has passed customs and is now in the warehouse.

And that one at the bottom, second from the right, is destined for Stu’s Shed.

I only count 10, and some have already been sold, so there are not many left if you want one of the brand new Professional SawStops.


Now I just have to have my shed hurry along so I have somewhere to put it.  Expecting news about the building permit tomorrow, and hopefully that means the slab can be ordered tomorrow as well.  Might prove to be a busy weekend getting the back ready for the slab pour, depending on how long it takes between placing the order and having work commence (about a week last time I checked.  That has probably blown out a bit because of the weather recently).

Tomorrow will be an interesting day.  In the meantime, I will sit here staring longingly at my new saw, waiting to come home.

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  1. If you don’t have the space, feel free to drop it off at mine. I have a $112 ozito portable saw you can have instead! Comes with no blade guard and a bent fence, I won’t even charge you much more for those extras!

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