Some more random photos

Had a bit more of a random wander around the show today – just not enough time to see everything properly (and I have other commitments tomorrow, so 2 days dedicated to perusing the show is the best I could do).


Japanese tool, and their cool display of the little planes, each with a different base profile.

random-2 random-3Carbatec, and their Veritas planes.  Especially the monster in the first photo!


Crowds around Henry Eckert, and their collection of handplanes, saws (and the new apron!)

mcjing-1 mcjing-2

More crowds around the wide range of bits’n’pieces on the McJing Tools stand

morerandom-5Bidjiwong Aboriginal Art


A really small range of timber available compared to previous shows

Bit here, bit over at Tasmanian Timbers, and a good collection of turning blanks and other timbers on Billinudgel Wood Working.  Got a bowl blank of mango, big enough to give my new 24″ Longworth chuck a workout!

morerandom-3 morerandom-2

Some of Chris Vesper’s latest stock, including matched sets of bevel gauges (I prefer his ones with the timber inlay)  They still have siginficant weight, and typical Vesper accuracy.


A whole collection of finished products for sale in the Central and Western Woodworking Group stand, including this scrollsawn record come clock.  Thought it might appeal to Chris Vesper, and his dancin’ shoes!

random-6 random-5 random-4

The Evok3D stand, with a couple of their machines turning spools of filament into new products.  I knew wood filament was now available, and this was the first time I had seen it in person (the brown items).  The resulting product can be described as a sort of MDF.  The machines are plug and play (no assembly needed).

There were other stands, just didn’t get to them all!

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  1. Did you manage to see the new Veritas shooting plane?

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