Kicking and Screaming

More disappointing news for the shed today.

After paying for a Private Building Surveyor to get the Owner/Builder and Building Permit last week, a phone call today changed all that.  The PBS disagreed with the information I had been provided by the Council Building Surveyor, and flat refused (surprisingly bluntly) to continue with the process – no argument (there was no opportunity to argue), no discussion would be entered into. Money will be refunded, all the documents submitted torn up as if they were never seen.  And here I was under the misguided illusion that the Building Dept of the City Council were the ultimate authority on what can and cannot be built in their district.  Oh wait, they are.

So now I have to do it all myself.  Dragging this damned project kicking and screaming to the finish line.

It will play havoc with the original timeline.

I now have to apply for my own Owner-Builder Certificate of Consent (3 weeks), then apply for the Building Permit (2 weeks).  So instead of getting the Building Permit by the end of this week, it will now cost me another month (assuming no problems (yeah, right)).

So for my own benefit, this is the new timetable (worst case scenario).

Project Stage Original Estimate New Worst Case New Best Case
Owner-Builder Certificate  7 Oct – 25 Oct  7 Oct – 18 Oct
Building Permit  30 Sep – 13 Oct  28 Oct – 8 Nov  21 Oct – 1 Nov
Order Concrete  14 Oct  8 Nov  1 Nov
Order Shed  14 Oct  8 Nov  1 Nov
Shed Manufacture  14 Oct – 10 Nov  8 Nov – 8 Dec  1 Nov – 1 Dec
Clear Out & Remove Shed  19 Oct – 20 Oct  16 Nov – 17 Nov  9 Nov – 10 Nov
Order Skip  21 Oct  18 Nov  11 Nov
Block Clearance  28 Oct – 29 Oct  25 Nov – 26 Nov  18 Nov – 19 Nov
Casting Slab  30 Oct – 31 Oct  27 Nov – 28 Nov  20 Nov – 21 Nov
Shed Arrival  11 Nov  9 Dec  2 Dec
Lead Time for Assembly  11 Nov – 24 Nov  9 Dec – 22 Dec  2 Dec – 8 Dec
Shed Assembly  25 Nov – 1 Dec  6 Jan – 10 Jan  9 Dec – 13 Dec

So now, best case scenario adds about 2 weeks to the delivery.

Worst case, and this has now added 6 weeks, and means delivery won’t happen this side of Christmas (or this year).

Just for once, it’d be nice if things worked out like they could, not as they always seem to.

7 Responses

  1. Very disappointing Stu, especially when the PBS won’t even discuss why. Hope all goes well from here and it is all done before Xmas

  2. Bugga – surprising that wouldn’t discuss or even tell you what the problem was/is. Hope it’s not something the council will change it’s mind about

  3. At least in Africa, we knew that “wheels” required lubrication. Lol

    Best of luck!

    Dawid Verwey 0466 824 263 Sent from my iPhone


  4. Have been following this project from the beginning & as a Western Australian Building Surveyor I have been wondering when the wheels would fall off. Find your self a PBS & let him handle it for you just remember. “You are your own worst negotiator” Hang in there & don’t stress over it shit happens.

    • Given how long it has already taken, I thought I was dragging it along on the axles anyway! So what has been wrong that would cause the wheels to fall off?

  5. Just remember O’Toole’s No.1 rule. Murphy is an optimist.
    Have fun.

  6. Why did the wheels fall off I would be happy to tell you but not on this forum .Talk to me privately & I shall reveal all

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