Woodwork Sayings

Was taking to Daniel at Carbatec earlier today, and after we started coming up with some woodworking sayings, he suggested it would make a blog post.

I’ve decided to take it one step further, and once a list of sayings is together, I will choose a number that I will combine into a file that I’ll then cut on the CNC machine.  I have a large piece of camphor laurel that may be good for the list, which I will then be able to mount onto the shed wall.

This is what I have come up with so far.  Some are traditional, some are slightly modified, and a few are my own.


Measure twice, cut once, buy extra just in case

You can’t do the job right if you don’t have the right tools

The success of your project starts with the right lumber

When you get to the finishing stage, you’re half-way there

You can never have enough clamps

I only hope when I die, my wife doesn’t sell my tools for what I said I paid for them

When asked when you purchased a particular tool, the answer is always “I’ve had that one for years”

A workshop is a tool like any other

A router is just a motor to spin router bits

It’s not a mistake, it’s a design feature

Use your sand paper as if someone else is buying it


Get the board stretcher

Quality remains long after the purchase price is forgotten


If you have any others, please drop them into the comments, and I will compile a final list of my favourites to send to the CNC.

21 Responses

  1. There’s no such thing as “too much” glue.

  2. I cut it twice and it is still too short.

  3. Machines don’t have brains. Use yours.

  4. Timber please…..not lumber

  5. Yeah, it’s meant to look like that.

  6. Be the sharpest tool in your shed 🙂

  7. If you don’t have the time to do it right the first time, how come you can always find the time to do it twice

  8. Keep your material as long as you can for as long as you can

  9. My wife lets me buy all the tools I can hide.

  10. If you don’t buy the tool when you need the tool you end up paying for the tool but don’t own it. (Henry Ford)

  11. Broken pencils are pointless

  12. Wood is wonderfuel! Only masochists use blunt tools. Bolt where you can – screw if you can’t & nail if you must! Or if all else fails use very big nails.

  13. If can.t joint it bead it

  14. The most dangerous Tool in the shed is You (not referring to you, Stu, but to all of us who use tools in the shed)

  15. If at first you don’t succeed, use a bigger hammer

  16. If you can hear your wife from your shed, install more insulation.

  17. My school woodwork teacher used to say to kids that would use a saw at a frenetic pace…
    “use all 235 teeth on the saw, not just the middle two”

  18. Don’t use your remaining fingers as push sticks!

  19. Never point out a problem without providing a few alternative solutions.

  20. I only cut on the side people will see……

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