There is a reason why you’d buy a shed from a reputable dealer, and get them to do the construction: so the quality of the assembly does not reside on you, when dealing with more and more extreme weather events.

Tonight there is a small breeze around Melbourne



80+km/hr winds traveling across the property, and into what will be the main vertical wall of the shed side. That is some severe weather out there.

2 Responses

  1. I recently discovered our reputable shed builder used pop rivets to anchor the personal access door frame to the right angle steel bolted into the slab. The severe weather broke the pop rivets and I was able to tek screw it before too much damage.

    No pop rivets except for pa door I checked thoroughly.

    Dont trust even reputable builder check yourself before you finish payment.

  2. Typical weather for this time of year, September/October. It’s also a good time for woody’s. Lots of trees down! For me it’s also a chance to get some firewood next year as well.

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