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I did get one significant piece of news for the shed progress today: finally, a quote for the slab.

The original estimate on the shed quote pegged it around $3200, but that did not include excavation or anything. So I was expecting it to be quite a bit higher than that, and I was spot on!

The final quote is $4700, including full site excavation (removing the existing concrete slab, digging the necessary holes etc.) That doesn’t include the price of a skip to remove the unwanted soil, old concrete and whatever. Not sure how big a skip that will need- taking a guess at about 8m3. That’ll cost another $700-$800.

So $5500 all up for a 50.5m2 slab. 25MPA, F72 mesh, plastic water barrier (?), saw cuts.

Not sure if that is a lot or not. If any other company had bothered, I would have had something to compare it to.

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  1. Hi Stu. A comment about the “pouring” of slab for my shed. 7m X 9m.

    Due to slople of block, (average approx 22 degrees) 7 guys with wheel barrows, barrowed-in approx. 7 cubic meters. It took them approx. 1 1/2 hours. Only one barrow, half spilt. Down hill full barrow! Up hill empty barrow! Temp was 2 degrees and those blokes did a steaming great job.

  2. volunteers 7 blokes with their own wheel barrows in an hour and a half could move 7 plus meters of concrete. A few on a few shovells. screeders and a helicopter.!

  3. Hi Stu, check out this link on strength of concrete floors ?


  4. The slab price you got seams reasonable stu, and you probably strugled to get more quotes becourse the size of the slab is so small to quote, hardly worth a concreting team to quote it. I’m not meaning to offend but they are usually looking for minimum size of a house slab or biger say 50 cubic meters not 6 cubic like the shed slab. perhaps you could get some mates and some barrows and do it your self. but personly if you not shore on what you are doing with concrete then leave it to the experts.

    • It certainly is an option, but still, prepping the site will need some specialist attention for the existing slab etc.

      Good to know the price is in the right ball park.

      At least if I go this way, the finish will be a significant improvement on any effort I make.

      Have to be careful with plumbing- the local council are particularly focussed on buildings that can then be used as a dwelling. Would rather avoid complicating the approval process.

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