A good ol’ fashion American Barn raising

For the first time I’m starting to give real consideration to the shed build.  Still a fair few weeks away (given construction has not started!), but it is a reasonable expectation that the number of weeks can be counted on my fingers (whew!).

There are (as I see it) 3 options.

1. Pay for the shed to be erected.  Cost – about $3200 (ouch)

2. Do it myself. Time – A very long time!

3. Do a barn raising, and my thought is to pay for a site manager who is experienced in constructing these sheds to direct whatever size group that is available.

So here is the thought – I was wanting to see if there is anyone willing to participate?  I’m only looking for non-binding expressions of interest at this stage, just to see if the concept has any legs at all.

It would be a weekend (so either a Saturday, or Sunday, or both), and some time around mid-November.  For the early starters, bacon & eggs on the BBQ.  Lunch would be potentially Subway.  To finish the day, BBQ and beers/wine (for those interested).

So – if that was the rough timing, and what’s on offer, would anyone be interested in helping Stu’s Shed get established in its new location? (Remember, this is expressions of interest only!)

Probably should have mentioned – South East Melbourne!

11 Responses

  1. Yeah, I’d be up for it.

  2. Hey! Send airfare and I’ll be there!! I’d love to return to Australia. I’ve been there twice – love the country.

  3. stu, I’m in

  4. Option 1A to ask about – Pay to Erect and put on the roof only

  5. Hey m8,
    I’d be interested.
    However after watching the guy next door build a similar shed and it taking twelve months, you may need to consider a couple of weekends.

  6. Some really interesting feedback (and offers!) already.

    I have emailed off to ask about the pay to erect and roof option.

    I am also looking to find out how much it would cost to have it fully done and how long that would take. If we are looking at construction time of weeks (or longer, given it is only weekends), it may just be worth biting the bullet.

    Of course if I did go that route, I’d still be interested in seeking assistance, as there are a whole bunch of large tools and machines to move in. Let’s see what information comes back, and continue to plan from there.

  7. I reckon I could spare a couple days

  8. Calendar until Christmas is rather busy but depending on the dates I would be interested.

  9. Stu, it would be my pleasure to help get you back to where you need to be. At the moment I’m available whenever you need me.

  10. Wife permitting, I’ll give you a hand 🙂

  11. More than happy to help out.

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