A Stopoff to see a Saw

Dropped into Gabbett Machinery today to have a chat about a few things, including the new Professional SawStop model.

It will be arriving in Australia in a few short weeks, and one of the biggest things about this model (in particular) is the price, which will be around the $4500 mark ($3800 for the entry-level – short fence, more basic guard etc)

Given the overall quality of the saw, that puts it well into the realm of other serious tablesaws.

Professional SawStop

Professional SawStop

It has got to be said – that is a very sexy machine.

And putting the SawStop feature aside, it is still an extremely well-made saw.

Some specs on the new model:

10″ blade, 5/8″ arbor, Left tilt
3HP motor (2800W approx) 13A
max dado width 20.6mm (requires separate SawStop cartridge)
Biesemeyer-style fence.

The base shown above is optional for the Industrial model.  The optional Professional model has two external wheels under the table to the right, and a pedal to the left to lower a wheel located under the cabinet (piston assisted).

Damn, but that is a good looking saw!

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