What’s New?

A new Festool object caught my eye the other day – a new version of the Systainer dolly.

This one is a cross between the dolly and a handcart.  Where the original dolly is specifically designed for moving around the flat floor of the workshop, this one is very much for moving from job to job, including stairs and via vehicles.

large_13487563673566It has a set of large wheels at the back for curb-hopping, and the small multi-directional castors at the front.  A height-adjustable strap holds the systainers in place (given that they lock together). Has a drawer in the bottom as well for odds’n’sods.

So that was pretty interesting.  And the original dolly has also been upgraded as well. (Also known as a roll-board)



Now if you want to sit down on the job, you could always employ the MFH Workstool, complete with consumables storage.  Especially if there was a Cooltainer nearby, and tunes on the Festool Radio.


FestoolSo what else is out there in Festool World?

Now I was always very impressed with the Protool Swordsaw.  Now even better that it is in Festool garb!

pkom_hks_ssu200ebplus_767995_p_01aOr its bigger brother!  I can’t see much difference between the two machines – different riving knife (and longer blade), but other than that it may be an interchangeable option


There are are some other bits n pieces (there is always a new drill or 3 for some reason), concrete cutters and grinders and paint stirrers.


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