Holy Quackin’ Duckfish – that is a workshop!

If you haven’t seen it before, check out Marc “The Wood Whisperer” Spagnuolo’s latest workshop. (Click for a larger view)

IMG_0977 IMG_1386

That is a killer workshop – size of a small football field, with an acre of space around each tool.  A glistening epoxy floor (or looks like), and Powermatic and Festool all the way (with a splash of Bessey for good measure).  Click here to head to Marc’s page on the workshop, including a full tool list, and links from them to the tools available through Amazon.  Don’t try adding it all up however, the value will floor you!

Don’t forget the obligatory drum kit at one end!

6 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting the pics Stu!

  2. I like the drum set in the woodworking shop. It must be really clean. Can you imagine beating on those drums with any amount of dust on them?

  3. Wow – a great setup. Those somewhat exorbitant Guild subscription fees must REALLY be paying off well!

  4. I have been following Marc for a couple years now and I just love his shop set up but I think this picture floored me when I counted six festool dust extractors!

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