It’s on like Donkey Kong

Yes – announcements are imminent – hopefully no later that Wednesday all will be revealed, and moves will be underway for construction to commence.

The first permit application is in as you know, and it will take the full 3 weeks for that to come back – the council is a bit swamped apparently. They are required to provide a response in 15 working days – so crossing everything it goes through smoothly, as that will make the actual building permit pretty straightforward (and of course without it…..)

I’ll get the supplier to arrange the actual building permit, and will use their contact for the concrete slab. Would have looked further for alternate slab quotes, but after contacting a number of companies, not one was interested in providing a quote. Not a single one wanted a paying job.

But this isn’t time for negative news- the positive is vastly more interesting. If all goes to plan, I’m estimating about 6 weeks to run before shed assembly can commence. It may blow out to 8 weeks, if manufacturing has to wait for the permits to be confirmed.

That would make it the 2nd week in November for assembly. With a number of assumptions then (primarily around the permits), it will all be up and running this side of Christmas.


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