It’s a ManSpace world

The next issue has just hit the letterboxes of subscribers, and will soon be on the shelves of magazine shops around the place.1116245_608514999170255_515438726_oThis issue marks the last produced by the founding editor, Jonathan Green, whom I have been working with on it since before it was first released (and before it even had the ManSpace title)  Not to say I was any more than a bit-player in its creation, but was signed up as one of the ongoing contributors (and never fear, I still remain so – which reminds me, I better get onto the articles for the next issue. No rest for the wicked).

My contributions to the current issue include an article step-by-step on making some traditional-looking wooden vehicles (I aim some of these articles at people who have never considered any woodworking before), on assembling a knife kits (in this case for a Nakiri blade), where you make the scales (the handle), and a review of the Promac generator (one that is about to play quite a role in the shed (when constructed) until such time as a new power supply is established)

2 Responses

  1. Got my copy electronically yesterday, not read about wooden vehicles yet but look forward to that with interest

  2. There’s a quick interview with ManSpace MD Jeff Patchell over on the Workshopshed blog

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