Another micro-step

Noting this down as much so as I remember when I finally look back to document the steps taken in setting up the shed.

Tried contacting the city council (infrastructure) to get the storm water plans for the property, but they were understaffed and overworked – will try again Monday. I need to know where the storm water drains are so I can plumb in the gutters and downpipes. There may be a water tank in time, but even so, they have an overflow that needs to go to the storm water.

I did get hold of South East water, and for $25 they sent me a plan of the property with the sewage pipes shown. The shed needs a sink, and it is not acceptable to have the sink runoff going into the storm water. That looks like it will be easy to get to, so hopefully no dramas there.

Water supply is a different matter – probably will need a pipe run from the house for that.

I have to admit that I have been playing with the plans that Matthew kindly created quite a bit. Not changing the layouts (I have moved things around to more emulate the last design I had), but switching on the walkthrough option and wandering around the place, looking from all sorts of angles.

Did anyone have any different machine layouts they thought might work better?

Perhaps I need to find a prize for the best design! Doesn’t have to be computer-drawn. Back of a beer coaster is fine if you have a good idea!

Next I need to research who can pour the slab (and how much it’ll cost) There will be a minimal amount of flattening the block (it is already pretty level), and the main problematic area I can see is the slab of the existing shed. Not sure if that will be incorporated, or will need to be removed so a new slab can go down. I did look at screw pilings, $2800 or so, and that is before any floor is established on top of the pilings. That will be compared to the cost of a slab (and then factor in the different strengths and weaknesses each method offers).

Before the slab is poured, (or pilings screwed) I need to get the council permits to guarantee that the shed can go exactly where I’ve planned. All very well to get verbal assurance that it should be fine, I need a signature on a page.

Have spoken to an electrician about what prep is needed before the pour (especially if I want infloor power)

Baby steps.

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