Toy Library (for the slightly older kid)

I recently became aware of a tool library that has started in Brunswick, called (funnily enough), the Brunswick Tool Library!

The principle behind it is very similar to Toy Libraries – for an annual fee, you can come in and borrow 7 tools/week.  Unlike a hire company, there is no daily rates, no need to try to have the job all ready for when you hire the equipment to get maximum use out of it.  You can borrow one or two items occasionally, or an unusual tool that you can’t justify owning for that very occasional need.

The fee isn’t exorbitant either – $60/year isn’t going to break the bank.

WP-Header-ImageI’m sure, based on their likely success, that their catalogue of tools (and quality versions) will continue to grow.

Hopefully they have the insurance side of things all sorted (you’d assume so!)

So a great idea, worth supporting, and perhaps…..worth cloning!

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