9 Minutes

Another small milestone has been passed – I now have an exact partslist and specifications sheet for the shed, along with a diagram of the required slab and footings.

Interesting point – the structure has around 2900 fasteners (majority self tapping screws), and will weigh almost 2 tonnes (not counting the slab obviously!)

The concrete slab (including footings) I have calculated to require 6m3 of concrete – approx 13 tonnes (wet).  That allows 100mm thick slab, with an additional 300x300x300 footing under each column, and 300x300x500 footings under each column that supports the mezzanine.

Time to start looking at concreters, and finding out about pump trucks.  Also, I want to have a chat to an electrician and plumber to see what needs to be considered before the pour, because once the slab is down, there is no adding electrical ducts, drains, or under-floor dust extraction.

Finally – so much to think about!

3 Responses

  1. My son’s going through the shed build at the moment, unfortunately his is on crook ground and had 350mm by 2.5 metre deep piers specified. Slightly over engineered for a 6X5 metre shed me thinks.

  2. I’m an IT guy. We work with suspended flooring in data centres. You could incorporate this idea into the new floor to get underfloor services and retro fits (I’m always moving stuff – so a plan today wont match 24 months hence). Glue two slabs of yellow tongue together for a super strong flooring, drill 1″ holes in each corner so they can be lifted and suspend the whole lot on a 300mm x 300mm lattice of MGP10.

    This would be pretty damn strong, protect from the cold, drillable for new/additional ducts and power and replaceable panel at a time.

    Visually appealing (no clutter!) and no pipes/cables/hooha to trip over.

    Just like a Japanese tatami flooring!

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