Living Vicariously Through the Workshops of Others

I know that in the past, some have used Stu’s Shed to provide a sort of “shed away from home” as it were, including some in the US Navy, overseas placements etc, but recently that table has had to be turned.  At least for a bit!

Michael would be well known to subscribers of the Professional Woodworkers Supplies newsletter, and has recently been building a wooden rocking horse.  Its a Grandfather’s lot in life 🙂

Some rocking horses are made as lifelike as possible, some are made very simply – a few boards cut out with a jigsaw or similar and glued together.  The one that Michael has made borrows concepts from both camps – and produces a rocking horse that will definitely be loved, and played with.

In Michael’s words:

Just sent my latest project out to PASTURE (read as PAINTING)
My mate is going to polyurethane it in white.
Then I’ll design and fit the leather ears, a leather saddle and bridle.
Biggest task was achieving the angle of the legs that are glued to the body.
Had to make a jig and with my router on a saddle and achieved a perfect finish
Used a ton of glue having used 19 mm board. The body and head is 76mm, every thing else is 39mm.


image image-1 image-2 photo-1 photoLooks great – keen to see what it looks like all finished!

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