SSYTC050 Forced Intermission

There is something to be said for forced intermissions.  Both longer term with the whole relocation, as well a current, temporary one, where I have needed some distractions to fill in some relatively immobile time.

May not have been able get any real workshop time in, but that meant I did have time to keep thinking of different approaches to filming, and the integration of the GoPro.

You’ve seen the fly-rig timelapse, and an adaption to the setup has potential to work on a dolly skate as well, so it can be self powered.

_A542BAnother idea I’ve had, is how to mount the camera directly on a wood turning chisel.

GoPro Turning Chisel Mount

GoPro Turning Chisel Mount

Without question I need better lighting for the scene to avoid hot spots – the very limited space I am currently working in does not allow that luxury.  So excusing that (and my technique!), this gives a point of view like this:

SSYTC050 Forced Intermission

Shot at 240FPS, the first portion is at full speed, the second is slowed to 1/20th speed.

2 Responses

  1. Not as scary as I thought it might be,great concept, will it fit on a skew, as this would good for teaching and understanding how they work.

  2. I was wondering why your RSS feed doesn’t work anymore?

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