Fly Rig in Progress

I’ve been working on how to produce a fly-rig for the GoPro camera, for long time lapse photos, tracking over a considerable distance.

Before I get into what, the why is relevant. When shed construction begins (no, I don’t have a start date yet), this will allow some interesting perspectives.

The criteria:

Time – 4 to 6 hours operating time
Distance – 10 to 15 metres
Minimal setup and easy to reposition.

The limitations:

GoPro – 1 hour operating time
Speed of travel needs to be slow, and controllable

So, what I have come up with is this. A length of steel-cored washing line. Stainless steel clamps to secure it at each end, and SS turn-buckle to tension. This can be easily repositioned, or even have multiple tracks set up and left in place.

A 30RPM 12V motor (bought from Hong Kong). Speed controller to accurately wind the speed back. 12v battery onboard so the unit is self sufficient. Two bearing pulleys to run on the wire, and a grommet on the motor to pull unit along.

To add, 12v to 5v voltage regulator, with a filter and mini USB plug. This will allow the setup to keep the GoPro juiced up for hours.

A few initial trials were very promising. There will be a requirement to add a repositionable weight so the unit runs balanced on the wire.

All a bit of a leap of faith. The alternate is a commercial track, typically 1m long, and needing a couple of tripods to hold it. And costing a few hundred $$s

Hopefully it works out!

In progress photos- the top (where the wheels and motor sit), then turned upside down showing location of battery, speed control and GoPro



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